Halco Precision has been formed as a subsidiary of Halco Rock Tools, leaders in the manufacture of DTH hammers and drill bits for the mining, construction & oil & gas industries.
Halco Precision is in a unique position, in that, it is able to capitalise on Halco Rock Tools' high levels of investment in cutting edge mill turn technology, whilst at the same time focusing specifically on the manufacture of precision engineered components for third parties.
This in turn, opens up opportunities for customers across a range of industries to benefit from Halco’s ability to manufacture products to their own exacting specifications.
With world class manufacturing facilities in both the UK & the US, Halco Precision is ideally placed to meet all of your manufacturing requirements.
Halco Precision aim to become the supplier of choice for premium subcontract machining & engineering services for clients around the globe.
Founded in 1948 by S.Marshalls and Sons at Southowram, Halifax to manufacture tungsten carbide and masons tools.
In 1951, Halco Rock Tools and Stenuick of Belgium developed the first DTH hammer with an operating air pressure of 100 psi.
During the 1950s Halco introduced DTH drill rigs and the first ever DTH blast-hole was successfully completed using Halco equipment at Hill House Quarry in Troon, Scotland.
In 1964 S.Marshalls & Sons formed the Marshalls Halifax Plc.
Halco went through a period of growth in the 1960s with DTH rolling out to South Africa and India with Halifax Tool Company (South Africa) and Killick Halco India.
Notably, during the decade Halco were supplying and servicing over 700 Drill Rigs for International Aid Agencies, who were supporting the Indian water well and quarrying market, including the famous Tiger 1 and 3 drill rigs.
In the 1970s button technology was introduced into DTH drill bits and Halco launched the Mach Hammer range.
Mach hammers were the first ever hammers to use a “valved” design and internal liners.  The valved technology together with compressor availability limited air pressure to assist early hammers which were incapable of withstanding air pressure above 12 bar (170psi).
The 1980s were a decade of technological improvements to meet the drilling demand of greater operating pressures.
In 1983 Halco launched an improved Mach range which could operate at high pressure ranges of up to 250 psi.  In 1985 Halco introduced a Simcas drilling and casing system which enabled drillers to install casing and drill the hole at the same time.  In 1986 Halco’s SPO track-mounted blast-hole drill rig was introduced.
The 1990s, the last hammer rigs were produced as Halco focussed purely on DTH hammers and bits.
The Dominator a new high pressure hammer range was released.  Marshalls Plc sold Halco Holdings Ltd, which consisted of Halco Rock Tools UK and America to a venture capital group in and Halco Australia was established in Perth, Western Australia to focus on the mining market.
During the 2000s; Halco introduced the Super Dominator a high pressure blast-hole hammer and the Dominator 375 and Halco Holdings Ltd was sold to the Terex Mining Group.
During this decade Halco released the RC exploration range of hammers, the Halco Bit Catcher system which uses a specially designed chuck and shroud arrangement to ensure bits are captured and not lost down the hole and the GP range for water well and geothermal applications. 
In 2011, Bucyrus and Halco Rock Tools were acquired by Caterpillar Inc. Halco Rock Tools relocated to new and larger manufacturing premises in Brighouse UK and was sold to Regent Equity Partners based in the USA during 2014.
In 2015 Halco Precision was created to supply premium engineering services to the following industries - Oil and Gas - Automotive - Process - Aviation - Mining and Construction.
Halco Rock Tools design and manufacture to exacting standards, Halco DTH hammers deliver outstanding performance, productivity and longevity.
Customers also enjoy the versatility and variety, allowing the use of Halco DTH hammers on a wide range of rock-drilling applications. Our drill bits have superb performance and long life which make Halco DTH drill bits a world leader.